Thursday, 30 September 2010

Feeling tired? Is it a flu? Are you radioactive?

Feeling tired? Does it feel like the flu-season started too early this year? Are  you living in Finland? If you said yes to those questions you might have something quite different than the regular seasonal flu.

"Flu-season" started this year in the middle of the August. Seasonal flu's for the autumn never start in the middle of August! How is it possible that all people are sick all of a sudden and at the same time? And what is a flu that has all the normal sumptoms like tiredness, throat and sinus reactions, but seems like the flue doesn't really come with full force?

Interestingly this year (2010) together with the "flu" came the smoke from Russian forest fires. They started in August and reached Finland and Baltic in the middle of August. Officials both in Russia and Finland were reassuring the public that there is no harm with the smoke. Just do not do outdoors exercise in the heavy smoke.

I of cause were not really listening the officials. That day when we got the heaviest dose of the smoke in Helsinki I of cause were doing my favourite summer hobby - kayaking at the sea... not a good choice in retrospect. When the air was full of smoke I was enjoying the some-what smoky scenery in front of Helsinki. Yes, sure I noticed the smoke, but would I let it bother my love - kayaking at the sea? Of cause not! Nothing would keep me away from the sea in the summer time if time and weather permits.

Well the symptoms started the same evening, tiredness. The next day I had to take a nap during the day time - me a nap. I never do that!!! I could not even think of sleeping during the day time. I am always full awake from the minute I wake up until 11-12 pm in the evening. No problems there normally. After that smoky day I had a nap during several days. And the days I didn't have a nap I felt like I'm dying. So tired, so exhausted. What was wrong with me? This was not normal, I thought. Autumn tiredness never catches me. Winter-tiredness, maybe, but this in the middle of the August? What was this?

Tiredness continued for 2 weeks, every day. Luckily I had an appointment with a doctor doing tests with bioresonance testing machine. The machine found some Hafnium in my body. Same was found in my brother and many other patiences the doctor had been treating during the few weeks before that. Hafnium, never heard of that. What is it? After some research I found that hafnium itself is not a radioactive substance, but it is used in mechanism of the nuclear-power-plant. But how did it end up in my body, in my thyroid clan? I have never been near a nuclear power-plant in my life - I think. And at least not for the last 6 months - time after my previous test in the same machine.

Research in the internet took me to a report done by some environmentalists that the Russian officials took to see the burning forests near Moscow. Report brings out that contrary to the official reports there were radioactive forests burning in Russia. Radioactive forests burning? Can that be? Yes, according to the report the satellite footage shows that also radioactive forest is also burning. So how does that link to our getting sick here in Finland?

The burning forest left smoke in the air - smoke with radioactive materials like hafnium. This hafnium spread to Finland among other countries - thanks to our strategic location next to Russia. This hafnium according to the reports causes the following symptoms: flu-like symptoms like sinus irritation, eye irritation, throat ache, ear irritation, tiredness. Sound familiar?

What to do with those symptoms? How does hafnium in the body affect us years to come? Worst scenario is an increase in breast and prostate cancers. But hey, I will not sit and wait for that, do I? No for sure I will not. Instead I took homoeopathic hafnium each weekday for about a month. The first week already I could feel the difference. I did not any more want to sleep at 8pm as the previous 2 weeks, but I could stay up as normally until 12pm. What a relief, no more tiredness! Back to my usual energetic self -  until the next Tschernobyl or dose of Tschernobyl waste.

What do we learn from this? Do not trust blindly to the officials and their "reports". Find out for yourself what's really going on!


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